Role: Director |  Designer  |  Editor  |  Producer        Production Type: Short Film  |  Proof of Concept

Synopsis:  An intergalactic freedom fighter known as Azureus, breaks into the Colony City of Centurion to take back control and seek revenge on those responsible for his tragic past.


AZUREUS RISING is the animated movie I’ve always wanted to see.  After working on the Matrix films, I began developing several ideas I had been dreaming of for years.  One of those ideas was an animated film, but instead of talking animals and fart jokes, I wanted to use animation to tell a real story.  One with drama, action, and incredible thrills set in a futuristic cyberpunk world.  Marvel has been making these kinds of fantasy superhero movies in live action and seeing record-breaking success rates… why not do this in animation?  That’s what Azureus is all about.  Breaking the mold of what animated films can be.

Since going online, Azureus has amassed more than 10 million combined views and forged a global fanbase.  We have also been fortunate to take home 6 major festival award including Best Film, Best Animated Film, and Best Visuals.  Below is some of the amazing recognition and fan support we have received from followers worldwide.  Azureus Rising FTW.