Role: Writer  |  Director  |  Producer      Production Type: Short Film

Synopsis: A knight hunts down an infamous werewolf that murdered his family years before.


VALIANT is a fully animated gothic fantasy horror short film that will embrace story and visuals not typical to hand keyframe CG animation.  When we first sat down to discuss the idea of this film, we collectively decided on THREE major factors.  1)  We wanted to do a mature and emotionally engaging story.  2)  We wanted to do something with a stylized dark fantasy design aesthetic.  3)  We wanted it to be fully keyframed with no motion capture and facial capture.  Because of the industries “family friendly approach” to hand key-framed animated films,  the subject matter and vision for Valiant would prove to be unproduceable to most.  This only excited us to move forward with it even more.

Valiant will mark the 6th collaboration between myself and VFX supervisor ADAM COGGIN.  Keep in touch for more details as this project begins to press further into production.